Leandri Kersch

Doing it for the sous chefs! Lots of people (especially captains) think the sous chef cooks the crew food and calls it a day. I want to debunk this myth, as it’s exhausting constantly living in the shadows!

My love and passion for cooking and food has no end. I like most chefs love nothing more than making people happy through food. Whether it be try out exciting new dishes on the crew, a show stopping birthday cake, or a guest pud that would put a smile on anyone’s face.

I have been in the yachting industry total for 2 years now – with a 6 month travelling stint in between. Before I travelled the world cooking in awesome locations, and worked amongst London’s epic food scene. So undoubtably taking the leap into yachting was the perfect fit.

To all the sous / crew chefs out there never doubt how much you bring to the table.