Lucy Scott

Greetings to all amazing Yacht Crew and Industry professionals!
My name is Lucy and I am honoured to be nominated in the Acrew awards, and so very grateful just to receive this nomination. I am fairly new to yachting but so happy to be here, and to continue to learn and grow from the beautiful experienced Crew and professionals I have met on my yachting journey so far.
I started out at Sea as a dancer on cruise liners, a world away from yachting and waitressing, hostessing and bartending between dance contracts. Travel became a passion and way of life and even then my drive and enjoyment was creating amazing memories for guests whatever my role. I then met my partner who embarked into yachting and the seed was planted. After a few years I decided to take the leap and jump ship; joining the yachting industry.
Although relatively new to the industry I am excited to grow and pave my way further in this world, continuing to refine and develop my skills and eager to see where the next adventure takes me. I am super smiley, hardworking, happy go lucky, love the sea and being part of a team! I am humbled to be nominated.
Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!