M/Y Snowbird

Motor Yacht Snowbird, the timelessly elegant floating art gallery, holds an atmosphere of vibrancy
and comfort so strong it feels almost palpable; of course, she would be nothing but a yacht without
her crew. Her dedicated and experienced crew of eight make her a SUPER yacht. The majority of
her crew have worked together previously and reunited on M/Y Snowbird.

We do our utmost to accommodate our guests and pull out all of the stops, communally feeling
genuine fulfillment actualizing the most unanticipated enchanting moments possible; all to create
indescribable moments for our guests. We aspire to create an effortless atmosphere that makes
guests feel at ease, seamlessly orchestrating each individual experience.

Chef Michael, a runner up on Master Chef, winner of the MYBA Charter Show Chefs Competition;
Caters to each individual’s dietary requirements and specificities using only the freshest, locally
sourced ingredients effortlessly transforming food into art, he truly paints the pallet.

The interior department made possible by the Chief stew Chloe, her sister, Second Stew Estelle,
and ‘adopted’ Third Stew Steph are the triumphant trio. Chloes BBA in Hospitality Management, and
extensive experience in working on Super Yachts make for a unique and effective take on service
and leadership. Providing a well rounded, high standard level of every service.

On deck we have our duo Chief Mates Johnny and Sid and our Captain Stel who all worked together
previously, progressed indpendently but were shown that an efficient crew that also bounce of
each other is unbeatable. Their combined efforts can provide training in more extreme sports from
diving with a full dive set up, jet ski schooling to watersports ranging from wakeboarding,
wakeskiing, wakeskating, wakesurfing to simply catering in guests enjoying our towable inflatables
and slide.

Daniel, our Swedish Engineer (Handyman, plumber, problem solver, deckstew, coffee connoisseur)
may not be visible to the naked eye but will always be found somewhere on the boat keeping us
afloat if not helping the deck team wherever possible.

We believe that the crew are the heart and soul of a yacht, they bring the atmosphere, the service,
the fun, the lasting memory of a fantastic holiday. We make the impossible, possible, we create
those everlasting memories, we bring friends and families together in the most idyllic settings.
Most importantly, we love what we do and the guests see that.