Maison Del Gusto

Born and based in Monaco, Maison del Gusto is a premium lifestyle gourmet concept. Renowned at home in Monaco and internationally for the breadth and depth of its exclusive offerings, Maison del Gusto sources the world’s most prestigious brands in food to recreate an authentic local experience. We help people discover food traditions from all over the globe, and we open their eyes to culinary excellence.

Maison del Gusto is about the search for excellence, passion, and traditions. All products are selected with care, expertise, flavour, and an eye for elegance and design, curating a collection of authentic products that create new and memorable sensory experiences.

Maison del Gusto is proud to work with a selection of top chefs and chief stew within the luxury yachting industry. MDG product ordering list is continuously enriched thanks to all chefs and chief stew contribution – it’s an ongoing exchange of knowledge and growth.

Please contact Elisabetta Ierardi if you would like to find out more.
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: 0686535695