Martina Brčić

Croarian girl who has been born in small and beautiful town Livno.( Bosnia and Herzegovina). After I finnish hight school i moved to Split so i could follow my dream. During my law school i discover yacht industry and since then I’m in industry. Also i have strong background from hospitality. Officially I start with industry in 2013 but i have long past with boats.

My first yacht was small 19 m Suseeker/ charter boat. After one season there i start grown every year more and more and now im chief stew on 47m Benetti. M/Y Africa I. Lot’ s of work, sweat, laught, smile, sometimes stress and other things brougt me here today. I work for owner of Africa more then 3,5 year now. And yes☺️ im more then happy.

Crew members, brokers, captain are calling me multipractic. They think i can do everthing.( Maybe i do ) Im traning new stewardess when they are coming on boat/industry and the feedback is excelent. Lots of work and fun no drama. Its nice when girl say thank you for knowledge. I am pround of myself because in side of me is laying down small Engineer (every free time on a board i like to spend fixing things and “hidding” – working in engine room with the Chif Engineer.
On the weekend captain and crew begs me to cook for them…. They just love my steaks and lamb choops.
I am driving a tender for years (basiclly I start when I was a teenager).

Driving jet ski. ( licence: jet ski instructor)
Licence for diving( in process for instructor)
Sommelier for little bit less then 8 years
Barista( cafe art)
Make up artist
Babysitting is my secret love. I just love kids and I have the best time with them.
When I found precious time I like to go for horse ridding, drive fast car and explore world.
Languages: Croatian, English, German, Spanish, Finnish.
Last 3 years I found myself in interior and exterior design.

My biggist project is Africa I. It is a new boat from in side( from walls to decoration). In Antigua and Barcelona boat show brokers coudnt belive that that is Afica. Im on the project one year know and still isn’t done but end of years she will be ready. That’s my diamond on which one im very very proud. Without my captain and owner this woudnt be possibe. They belive in me so much.
I can’t wait show it to the world.