Maxine Robert


I’d like to start off by thanking ACREW for considering me as a candidate as best chief stewardess and for recognizing our worth in this industry.

I joined yachting at the age of 22 having very little expectation of all that it would offer me. It allowed me the ability to grow and flourish into the person I am today, passionate, determined and mindful. It offered me freedom with no boarders, experiences the average individual rarely gets to experience and the opportunity to meet some of the world’s most influential.

Two years into yachting I received my first chief stew position. I’ve loved being a leader and having my team of girls grow over the years. My team and I share all responsibilities as I continue to teach them to become the best they can be, with respect and kindness and friendship being our foundation.

Being the chief stew onboard Loon from the start of the program and being able to be a part of building it into the incredibly successful charter yacht that it is, has been a pleasure and winning the best charter yacht of the year from ACREW last year was a great achievement 😉

We work long hours ensuring our guests are having a holiday they will never forget and a much-needed break from their busy lives. To be able to bring people joy as they unwind and provide a luxury escape is one of the best perks of being a yachty.

Over the years I have developed several passions, I completed my yoga instructor course in 2017 along with my kite boarding instructors as well as my diving open water. My south African heritage has continued to draw me to the ocean which I now get to live and work on

Almost eight years as a stewardess and I can say for sure I have enjoyed most of it, if not all. And my accomplishments within the industry are a true reflection of my commitment to my position onboard.

Thank you