Megan Groenewald

All my fellow competitors for this award have an amazing story written up about their
career thus far. We all have the certificates, experience, references & have the leadership
otherwise we would not be here. So why me?

My entire career has been a standout memory of new beginnings, adventure, passion,
leadership, rising above and most important the guardianship of my crew, my team, our
owners and our guests!

Zimbabwe, known as the “Bread Basket of Africa” is my home, a nation steeped in an
abundance of beauty, wildlife and dramatic landscapes that immediately become a part of
your soul.

The core values that I live by are honesty, love, kindness, trust, truth, fairness and
teamwork. Connecting with people from all walks of life and being surrounded by like-
minded people. The saying goes: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish,
feed him for a lifetime. I aim to bring my team to experiences they have never had, taking
them out of their comfort zone in a safe environment, teaching them – giving them a gift.

I have always believed that doing a job you love is the greatest gift a person can attain as
you never feel as though you actually work. I was fortunate to have amazing mentors when I
began my career in yachting and have worked my way quickly up the ranks at a young age.
The traits that I am known for include enthusiasm, organization, great listener and meeting
the needs of owners and crew members alike.

Not only am I personally skilled with interior management, table scaping, team building and
guest services, I bring an incredible passion for the outdoors where I will lead guests or team
members on hiking adventures or land the main course while spearfishing or deep-sea
fishing with the guests.

As the results of the “Totem Animal” exercise from colleagues, team members, friends and
family members on my attributes resulted in describing my personality as most similar to a
“Falcon” I had to smile. Falcon’s are guardians, always in search of new beginnings,
adventure and always rising above.