Nathan Blair

Starting out on deck in May 2018 my first vessel was an older converted explorer charter that went off the beaten track. Easily one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life we sailed from the Netherlands to Iceland to Greenland to Norway in a single season. As a back to back charter 32m vessel with limited crew meant that we had to all get stuck in across all departments. Having a fantastic Captain and Engineer who were only ever happy to teach and expand my experience, I learnt more than I could’ve imagined from bridge watch duties and navigation through ice, to engine 0room duties and procedures, to interior running of the vessel and this really ignited my passion to learn more and excel in my yachting career that lay ahead.

Since then I have been fortunate to have experienced many facets of the yachting industry from yard periods, engineering work, all aspects of deck maintenance from polishing to painting to varnishing, all aspects of bridge administrative work, chart corrections, passage planning, weekly, monthly ISM checks, drive time, navigational watch for coastal and ocean crossing passages as well as arctic ice navigation, dealing with private and charter guests and so on.

Being able to deal and engage with a multitude of guests and being able to be a part of their experience on board has been fantastic. At the end of the day they are there to have a wonderful time and being able to go above and beyond to give them that experience is hugley rewarding in itself.

Thus every opportunity I got to study or do another course I grabbed with open arms and when stepping on ASYA as Bosun in July 2019 I was met by Captain Varun who was not only a mentor but became family. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities, experience and guidance he afforded me and it is all thanks to him that I have achieved what I have in such a short space of time. Being promoted to Chief Officer in 2020 after less than a year on board I knuckled down and embarked on attaining my OOW/Chief Mate 3000. Now merely a module and oral exam away I am as driven as ever to achieve the next milestone in my career after which I will finally embark on attaining my Masters tickets.

As has been afforded to me I endeavour to always involve my fellow crew member in all aspects of the running or a vessel and attempt to teach and upskill as many people as I can whilst I myself also continue to learn from those around me. We all merely want an opportunity to learn and grow in all aspects of our lives and if we all help each other where we can we shall all succeed in the end.