Nathan McFadyen

MY Volpini 2

I started on the water from an early age enjoying the Captain’s role running tourists around tight canyons with Shotover Jet in NZ.
My first experience with Super Yachts came when I met the Owners Representitive for a massive 138m yacht. Up to this point I had never heard of the yachting industry. From here I learnt the trade from some very experienced Men and Women, which helped me to get where I am today. In little time, I decided with some hard work, a plan and with some good guidence, I would make it to the top.
I moved onto a world traveling yacht next and spent 3 years and over 60,000nm traveling the world, never returning to the same place twice. This was a fantastic experience to say the least with many stories and frendships made along the way.
At present I am running the Worlds First Tier III Super Yacht made by Amels “Volpini 2”. I have been with my current Owner for over 10 years, during this time, we have had three different Yachts giving me alot of experience with builds, budgets and management. With the freedom given from a great Owner, alot of support from SYM (management team) and work done by my long term crew we have been able to set these yachts up correctly right from the start. We do everything by the book and have adapted things along the way, that fit my flexible managment style.
I am passionate about the environment and the communities that we visit and live in. With the help of my Crew this winter alone in Barcelona, our fundraiser raised over $11,000 for the Australian bushfires. We have volunteered for the homeless of Barcelona by packing thousands of tons of food and we continue to participate in monthly beach clean ups. We try to do better whereever possible. Our enviromentally friendly Yacht and crew are conscious and passionate to also make a difference where ever we travel and this I hope, will continue well into the future.