Nina Raith

I was raised in a quaint city in Bavaria named Füssen; a region known for its lush green fields, lakes and mountains. A place in the world of general natural beauty. Undaunted by my small town roots, I always imagined a life of sun and sea, living on an island with palm trees, while holding this burning desire to see the world through a different lens; exploring diverse cultures and of course the people. It was always about people and helping people finding their own balance and lending a helping hand in any way possible. It comes as no surprise that I dove head first into the Medical field and later on into Hospitality to kickstart my career where I spent an exhilarating 10 years across a variety of hotels, resorts and countries landing lastly at a 5-star luxury Spa resort in Thailand, as a Spa Manager & in charge of Guest Relations, focusing on wellness. It was, at my core, to make the moments special and experiences exciting while providing a place of peace for my guests. This vantage paved the way for myself to infuse positive energy to all I touched. The perfect way to connect nature’s significance on my upbringing with my flawless guest satisfaction skills I honed in the Hospitality was to move into the Yachting Industry. Spanning the next decade, have continue to enjoy the combination of the amazing beauty of the sea, the awesome design and technology of yachts with my endless desire to providing A-one service ensuring tranquil seas for all aboard. Always industrious and never afraid of hard work, I have risen from Chief Stew/Interior Manager to Purser where all these experiences, moments and desires intersect culminating today, in a position, where I could not imagine doing anything else in the world. When not serenely and flawlessly handling typical, unusual or emergency situations in my dream job aboard, I am outdoors where I can enjoy surfing and taking care of my mind and body with yoga. Living a holistic life where personal and professional purposes are in perfect harmony.