Sabi Edelmann


I’m Sabi Edelmann, I started to work as a chef more than 25 years again Hungary after I’ve got my chef diploma.
I used to work in the best hotels and restaurant, than I moved to Budapest. After 6 years I think even Budapest wasn’t big enough so I moved to Dublin for 5 years, worked fine dining and BIB Gourmand restaurants, than I moved to Italy (Como)
to learn the mediterranean cousine, but I loved so much, so I got married in Italy. I used to work 7 years in a fine dining restaurant, and a for star Hotel as a Sous Chef, than I helped out a friend of mine out on a yacht and since that moment I cannot look back. I really love to work with the best ingredients, at the best places, with the best people.
I’m working in the yachting industry since 2014, and I’m the Head Chef on MY Okto