Sally Konigkramer

Lady S

I joined the industry at the young age of 19 years old. “fresh from the farm” as they say.
I did not even know of the industry, I only knew two things: I knew how to sail and that I knew I could be captain if I worked hard in whatever the job was in this industry I got told about.
My first charter boat, anchored off the Caribbean somewhere; I remember blading the windows every morning with my eyes burning from being so tired, thinking “so this if my life” Fast forward 14 years and I now stand a tall leader of my second command.
I pride myself in the way I lead my team, and the program I deliver. I am fortunate enough to have been brought up by a strong father figure and have had several great mentors in my life and of course there are always the haters. The haters have what have built my character the most, and whom have fueled my fire to be the best captain there is and to stand out amongst the rest!