Sebastiano Chiesa

I’m Sebastiano, 22 years old and I come from a small town near Milan, Italy. I graduated in Switzerland in with a Bachelor of Business & Administration Hospitality Management degree, a year and a half ago. With the knowledge acquired at the university I was able to enter the world of yachts.

Coming from a mountainous country I did not know what to expect while living and working at sea for over 6 months. I began my yachting career a year and a half ago on a 38 meter yacht, as a 2nd steward and from that immersive experience, I immediately got hooked to this working life.

I can define myself as a person who puts all their time and energy to bring a charter to a successful conclusion. I believe that with passion and determination, especially if done in a team, even the most intricate jobs become simple. After working my season and showcasing my skills & abilities, I was able to rise to the rank of a Chief Steward for my second season.