Shaun Falconer

M/Y Triton

In a past life-time I practiced as an attorney in South Africa. Longing for wide open spaces combined with a desire to return to the ocean from the concrete jungle of the corporate world, I made the move to begin my yachting career as a junior deckhand. Initially it was difficult making the adjustment and starting from the bottom of a new career but I welcomed the challenge. My previous career gave me an advantage in interpreting the compliance regulations set down by the international maritime community and I endeavored to share my insights and understanding with my peers and seniors. A strong work ethic, team driven environment and my ambition to excel in setting the highest standard in the industry did not go unnoticed. I was fortunate to work with some of best professionals in the industry and therefore had a desire to share my success with my crew and colleagues in a structured and mentoring way. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than when a previous employee joins a new vessel and that Master contacts me to compliment the professionalism of that crew member and value they are adding to his/her program. Knowledge is power and the sharing of knowledge in this industry is a fundamental cornerstone to providing a safe and professional working environment.