Skyfall is a team of exceptionally talented and highly experienced yacht crew.
We cater for the client who wants to experience a charter like none before.
Professional yet personal. Tailored not typical. Unique not uniform.
We offer an alternative to the typical luxury yacht charter.

Skyfall’s crew are the agents who facilitate this. Always in secret and at full discretion.
Many missions are under the cover of darkness in the smallest of hours, possibly to collect our clients from an
elegant Casino, mountain top club, or to stage a pyrotechnics display. At daylight an advanced team run ahead
with equipment to secure the beach location for the day. Possibly additional sound and lighting gear for a birthday
rave in cave. Timing is everything. Like smugglers waiting until the coast is clear for maximum surprise and effect.
Our advanced reconnaissance and intelligence are paramount to our success.

The Skyfall crew consists of a number of close-knit individuals of various nationalities.
They are all unique and specialized in their skill sets yet understand they are no greater than the sum of the team.
They are a well-oiled machine. Streamline and slick. Fast and efficient. Diligent. Dedicated.
A crew that understands that each component is critical. They will quickly adapt to fill the role of a fallen agent.

Safety and security are our upmost priority and each location, event and adventure evaluated and assessed in
detail. Whether it be lunch underneath a waterfall in Croatia, shark diving in the Bahamas, catching a trophy blue
marlin in the Caribbean, or nightclubbing in Montenegro.
Skyfall is armed with the equipment, personnel and knowledge to get you in and out, safe and sound, neither
shaken nor stirred.

We offer a truly unique service from a team of 14.

A comprehensive water sports menu with watersports instructors.
Onboard massage and specialist sports physiotherapist.
Professional spa and beauty treatments.
Custom drone videography and photography to record your holiday.
DJ and party entertainment including sound gear and custom lighting. Optional karaoke Instructor.
Highly unique scuba diving experiences, big game fishing or specialized flats fishing excursions.
Onboard Poker tournament and blackjack, basketball, table tennis and darts tournaments. Flip cup.
Personal trainer and boxing instruction, Yoga instruction and Pilates. Golf and table tennis coach.
Children’s entertainment such as marine biology and maritime skills class and or cooking classes with chef.
Custom and personalized inland VIP excursions.
Nightclub and Beach club security and concierge.
An impressive custom private beach set up and coal fired BBQ beach lunches.
Custom and uniquely memorable occasions such as Romantic sand bar sunset dinner for 2.
Promotional events, Cocktail parties, burning man parties with beach bonfires, various theme nights.
Custom and unique birthday and anniversary celebrations.
Lastly and most importantly:
A 5 ½ star food and beverage experience with attention to detail in every aspect.
Our highly talented 24 hour, À la Minute Chefs have the capability to meet everyone’s dietary requirement’s

Skyfall’s team of professionals are ready and awaiting your arrival:

When the Skyfall’s
Ensure you are on Skyfall.