Cassandra Pritchard

WHAAATTTT ?! NOMINATED ?! This industry amazes me daily, and has been the biggest whirlwind adventure of my life! It has so much more to offer beyond the incredible experience that is working on board. The people I’ve met and connections I’ve made will stay with me for life and I think watching my new friends and adopted family succeed is one of the highlights of the job. I’ve been able to use my performing arts degree to my benefit and love to keep spirits up on board, whether it be an impromptu dance party to motivate us to keep going or sticky notes with funny quotes in in crew mess! I started out as a deck/stew and am now on my way to establishing myself solely on deck! Yachtmaster is the plan after this season, and I love to believe that it’s onwards and upwards from there! It’s an honour to be nominated, as I know the caliber of crew in this industry; so thank you!