SY Red Dragon

“I believe that SY Red Dragon should be nominated for the Duty of Care Award for their participation in regular medical training to ensure they understand their medical kit and refresh their medical skills. The team also make a concerted effort to ensure they have the necessary equipment on board to deal with routine and emergency medical care. We commend this vessel for going above and beyond to ensure their duty of care is upheld at all times regardless of whether the vessel is in operation or on standby.” 

Red Dragon Sailing Yacht, 52m, is proud to be nominated for the Duty of Care Crew Award. We have a crew of 11 who each enjoy working together upon the ocean and all the joys that come along with being at sea.  

To keep our crew happy and healthy we regularly attend workshops and training days on board and ashore to make sure we have the most up to date information regarding how to stay fit and healthy onboard, both physically and mentally. We all know how creative you have to be when you have the cabin space a sailing yacht provides during the season!

Our crew is exceptionally well versed in first aid and practice various medical response scenarios often to make sure if a situation involving either crew or guests occurred we would handle it quickly and with confidence. This, in combination with our onboard Medaire and Medlink equipment ensure we are as prepared as possible.

In addition to making sure our crew is taken care of, we all live by the rule that safety is sexy! As a sailing yacht with a 63m mast, safety is one of our paramount fundamentals. We have detailed weekly and monthly inspections carried out across the boat including at height. We maintain that if everyone is aware of what is going on right from the tip top of the mast right down to the bottom of our bilges then we can all work safely in unison. 

Red Dragon is always willing to work together to go above and beyond for both crew and guest wellbeing.