Thomas Fowle

La Familia

This is my first nomination and a very unexpected one at that. To who ever nominated me thank you. (I think :P)

I have been a yacht engineer now for 12 years, eight of which has been spent as a chief engineer. The majority of the time as chief has been on the Amels 181 series. Being part of the build on one, and then moving on to La Familia.

I don’t believe my story differs from many. I grew up helping my dad fix cars and if memory serves me correctly after he had crashed them. During my A – Levels I fixed friends and family’s car for pocket/beer money. Then my best friend (who is also a fellow yacht chief engineer) invited me out to learn to sail in Croatia, where the owner of the company found out about my tinkering efforts and asked if I would stay as the flotilla engineer, I have been hooked ever since.

I love my job, working isn’t a chore and the people I live and work with are very important. New places, new faces and continual engineering challenges keep me hooked to the life of a seafarer.

I now hold my SV Chief Engineers ticket, live in France with my (incredibly supportive) wife and 9 month old daughter.

In my own time I like to keep myself busy with project cars, motorbikes, flying or anything else that has piqued my interest. I enjoy learning and I don’t want to stop learning new things and challenging myself.

Once again thank you for the nomination.