Tristan Jongejans

Growing up in the northeast of New Zealand I was fortunate in being able to spend a lot of time amongst the coastal seas; I developed an appreciation for what a protected and well managed marine environment could be.

At university I complete a bachelors degree in electrical engineering, majoring in power generation & distribution, accompanied by illumination engineering. By this stage my maritime career had cumulated in a skippers licence and seasonal work as a dive boat skipper, and then in 2009 I moved to marine engineering in the Yachting industry; deciding this was the chosen profession I would pursue. 11 years later I am still enjoying the challenges each new project brings, only trumped by returning home on rotation to spend time with my wife and daughter.

The successes I have found in this industry are all attributed to the lessons gained, both good and bad through the people I have worked with and the relationships that have been forged. In striving to develop an effective vessel it is important to impart the lessons we gain, and develop the next generation of industry leaders in an environment that is better than that which we had.

Investing time in developing a safe & efficient working, and learning environment is fundamental to crew longevity. I find clear direction, open communication, active listening, and open support allow my crew to help reach their potential and in doing so fulfil the requirements of their job and personal progression. I also feel it is important to instil a strong sense of sustainable resource management; protection of the marine environment is paramount for a healthy industry, and planet. Interpretation of technical legislation into understandable operational instructions along with references back to the underlying legislation aid the learning process and empower the individual to feel confident in the directions given.

Yacht engineering has given me years of amazing experiences, travel, connections and learning that no other industry could provide; and such I am pleased to now be in a position where I can help facilitate the development of the next generation through a similar journey and help them achieve their goals.