Tristan Mortlock

I’m delighted to have been nominated in this category. I started the *SUPER YACHT CAPTAIN* YouTube channel back in September 2018. The idea behind the channel was to shine a positive light on the Yachting industry. As we all know it does get a lot of negative press but the industry has given me so much which I’m extremely thankful for and I wanted to show the world what its actually like working on a SuperYacht.

I could never have imagined that the channel would be this successful with 90,000+ subscribers and over 1,000,000 views every single month. More importantly, the number of messages that I receive from young aspiring yacht crew saying that my videos have inspired them to pursue a career in yachting or just inspire them in life. I’m also extremeyy proud that at the time of writing this i’m mentoring 4 young men into finding their first job onboard a yacht and this is all thanks to the YouTube channel.

Im extremely grateful for the success of the channel and to all the supporters.