Tristan Mortlock


This is simply amazing, only this year did I pass the Master 3000GT oral exam at the MCA centre in Liverpool. Its been a goal for many many years and I finally did it.

What I have learnt over the many years of working in this industry is that its all about the people you work with and nothing else really matters. I’m so fortunate that I have one incredible boss that gave me my first command at the very young age of 21 and 13 years later i’m still working for the same man. The crew onboard have been exceptional, loyal, hard working and trusting. Anna Granlund (IYC) our CA has been with us since 2009 and over the last 11 years of working together we have always seen eye to eye and I can only hope that she continues to work with us. Our ISM manager Dermot has been on the ball since the very 1st second we started working together and we always manage to have good banta and good laughs, whist maintaining an extremely safe vessel.

As a master, its all about inspiring and motivating and my crew make it easy which i so grateful for. AWOL’s success is only possible because of the work we all do as a team and aiming for the same goal.