Troy Dougherty

MY Muchos Mas

Having grown up on an island off the East Coast of Australia, I have been around water my entire life, yet yachting was never on my radar until I jumped into a van with some friends after a winter ski season in Austria who were bound for Antibes to work on “Yachts”. What was intended to be a summer job turned out to be a career decision that has never been in question since completing my first season. It has been an industry that has been both challenging yet highly rewarding on many levels from developing good team environments, experiencing events and places that very few of us “ordinary people” get to experience, to meeting the love of my life and the arrival of 2 amazing children. Having had the opportunity on my current yacht to be part of a custom yacht build project and the ability to build a great team from scratch has allowed me to develop a program and environment that is a pleasure to work in and our crew retention and rave charter reviews are something I am very proud of. After close to 15 years in the yachting industry I am as passionate and motivated as ever and look forward to seeing what the future hold for this dynamic industry.