Twizzle’s crew consists of 11 at a time, and there are 3 remaining crew members who have been onboard Twizzle since her construction in 2010. (Captain, Head Chef, and Chief Engineer).

With a mix of British, Kiwis, Australian, French, Irish and Bulgarian, the camaraderie and team work amongst Twizzle’s crew is evident to all who step onboard – and this has made for several successful charters since this particular crew was assembled prior to the 2021 Med Season.

Twizzle’s crew have an ethos of working safely and professionally, while ensuring that the Guests have as much fun onboard as possible. As well as setting up ‘Twizzlympics’ challenges for the Guests, and taking the Guests on extraordinary excursions – one of the highlights of each charter is the QUIZZLE night, which is Twizzle’s version of a pub quiz, set up in the ‘Twizzling Arms’ pub in the main cockpit. This is a great way for the Guests and crew to interact with each other in teams, and have fun competing over trivia questions.

The photo above was taken during an Atlantic Crossing ceremony for 2 Guests, while completing a trans-Atlantic charter in early 2022.