Vincent Jaanse van Rensburg

I started as a Junior Green Deckhand and always motivated myself to the next rank above me to learn from them and to developing more skills to be better , Over the Years I have put aside my holidays and commited for 8Years to Study and Learn with No break in between to make sure I get the optimum results for myself and Career.
I work alongside some of the Best Captains and mentors in this industry and learn key skills that made me think the way a Chief Officer should but not limited to only there input, Over the years I noticed that not only by mistakes we learn but by serounding yourself with fellow other Crew and more experienced crew you can learn so much more from listening to there advice and adventures over the years they gained.
Taking all this information and Daily learning creates a solid platform for any Chief Officer to be Capable of handling the Daily, Weekly problems we deal with on the Yachts.