Vincent Jaanse van Rensburg

My name is Vincent
I come from an small town in South Africa, George growing up on the farm with no idea about the Yachts , In 2014 I started my first job in Italy after weeks and months of Daywork and No work some days , i stayed and work with the same Captain for 7years training alongside him, Motivated and push me to Become a Captain at the age of 19 I had my masters 200gt Unlimited and started to Help other Crew with there journey, I started in free time to Lecturer other students who struggled while I was busy with my OOW I struggled very much but never gave up and always knew that helping others and motivation is the key to success. My Goal is still to Achieve my Master Unlimited license in the near Future , But for now I’m enjoying learning from other crew and from my Captain to become the best version of myself and to be a Hope and inspiration for your deck crew and others joining the Yachts.