Warren Dawson

The Host Pty Ltd

I’m a 29year old South African. I’ve been in yachting for 3 and a half years, currently a 1st mate. I’ve always been entrepreneural with starting my first business when I was 16.
Yachting has always been a short term goal for me, ‘make your money and get out’.

I owned two properties which I use to airbnb myself, obviously not being in the country it was very difficult to find someone to run it for me. There were no companies offering this service in my town.

So I decided to start my our company, The Host Pty Ltd. The company was started in January 2019 and we already have 11 listings on our books. We do short term property management and offer a full service to our property owners from listing them on accommodation sites, guest communication , check in’s, cleaning, organise any maintenance etc. Stress free for the owners and perfect for someone that works overseas but wants to be able to stay in there property when they home.