Wes Walton

With over 8 years experience in the industry I have been able to build myself up to Chief Officer with the guidance and mentorship of great past chief officers, captains and teachers. The yachting industry has given me more than I could have ever imagined, I have been able to travel and experience The Arctic, Svalbard, Norway, The Bahamas, Caribbean, Florida, Sea of Cortez, East and Western Mediterranean, U.K and recently New Zealand, Australia and S.E. Asia including Raja Ampat.

As a Chief Officer I place a huge amount of focus on Safety and Training. I get crew involved in weekly safety presentations and demonstrations where all crew need to learn how to react in the case of any emergency. I place a particular amount of focus on my deck crew as I know how important it is to get your paperwork and training record book in order right from the start of your career. This is something not a lot of boats push but I want to ensure a great start to my deckhands career.

I have been lucky enough to work alongside many crew from all nations, backgrounds and ages and I feel I have grown and benefited immensely from being able to have these interactions with so many incredible people and the stories they carry.

Yachting has given me my career and I intend to carry on for as long as I can. Currently I pursuing my Masters ticket and completed most of my Master 3000 to modules. I am very excited to see where the industry may take me next,