Active Atlas

Active Atlas is the merging of two passionate personal trainers here in Mallorca. These two trainers are Dominic Thackeray and Abigail Nolson, once AG Fitness and DT Fitness. Dominic and Abigail decided to join forces as they share the same mission in fitness and wellbeing.

What we do: Active Atlas supply personal one on one coaching, massage therapy, group training sessions, personalised programmes specific to yachts, mamma’s and busy bee’s. Services are available in the comfort of your own home, in the gym, on your yacht and even if you are far away.

Mission: Active Atlas is on a mission to get the globe moving, to bring all ages together and teach people that fitness is individual process and is a journey to get to know yourself and achieve things you never thought possible.

Vision: Active Atlas’s vision is to bring you fun and motivational content that is engaging, personal and tried and tested by both Abigail and Dominic, to help filter out the nonsense and make people realise fitness/wellness and happiness are achievable using your own body!