Arius Technology Inc.

Arius is an art technology organization with a state-of-the-art data acquisition and analysis platform that has been developed in conjunction with major art institutions.

Starting with technology used to scan the Mona Lisa, Arius engineers have since developed the conservation technology of tomorrow. With pioneering 3D scanning technology, Arius carefully records the geometry and colour of every brushstroke, without ever touching the surface of a painting. Details are recorded at a resolution as fine as one-tenth of a human hair.
Arius has collaborated with world-leading museums, including Tate and the National Gallery of Canada, 3D scanning paintings in their collections, from masters such as Van Gogh and Monet.

Arius’ 3D scan data is processed to produce high-quality textured reproductions that replicate every brushstroke of the original painting. This means valuable artworks can now be safely housed in secure, climate -controlled storage facilities, while Arius’ textured prints are displayed for the enjoyment of collectors, or visitors of museum exhibits, anywhere in the world –even onboard yachts.

The scan data can also be used as a 3D digital fingerprint of the painting’s surface, supporting the conservation and authentication history for the work’s provenance.