Sonar system

FarSounder develops and manufactures 3D forward-looking sonar for many sizes of vessels. These systems are the only products on the market capable of generating a true, 3-dimensional image ahead of a vessel in real-time at navigationally significant ranges with a wide field of view.

The Argos Series of sonars allows users to navigate safely and confidently providing data to the bridge team alerting them of potential dangers from up to 1000M ahead and at speeds up to 25 knots. The system’s user-friendly software is able to be integrated in many bridge systems.

3D sonar systems

Radar, depth sounders, ECDIS, and electronics charts with GPS are missing an important piece of information. The Argos sonars provide this missing piece of the puzzle. Your charts don’t know what has changed on the ocean floor; your radar can’t see through water; and your depth sounder only looks down. With an Argos sonar, you can look ahead underwater and navigate with confidence.

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