FIT Wellness Center

F.I.T. Games Inc. is a non-profit organization. The F.I.T. Games Inc. was created with the sole purpose to provide the general population with the opportunity to improve their health and fitness levels through the introduction of competitive family-oriented games and sporting activities that are fun yet challenging. These games will also promote a deeper sense of community cooperation and contentedness through its team building concept.

F.I.T. believe in order to successfully combat these NCD’s that is affecting our citizens’ quality of life require intervention from many segments of our community. So we are doing our part by focusing on (2) specific areas;

Education, increasing awareness of the causes of these non-communicable diseases and promoting nutritional improvements for lifestyle change through various media forums such as television programs, radio and ads.

Promotion of Exercise through fun fitness activities called the “F. I. T. Games” and other health promotion initiatives.