Global Maritime Listings

We are in the process of developing our App which will be launched at the Palma Boat Show this year. The GML App is a new Marketing Tool bridging the gap for Brokers and Owners of the Maritime/Island/Villa/Marina Industry’s. The GML App will be a more conventional, easy-to-use platform for brokers to market their portfolios and listings. The goal here is to inevitably assist the broker to increase the sales of their listings and offer convenient viewings whether it be Yachts, Marinas, Islands and Villa’s to clients. Our business model aims to empower and support The Broker and its house on a commission FREE basis.

Potential business could be lost due to lack of in the moment “viewings” and useful information readily available. Particularly “The Client” could very easily lose interest in the sale or agreement without factual and immediate knowledge of the vessel and the broker in question. The GML App aims to help Brokers obtain these dealings.

Consumers will have the opportunity to access the App at any time of the day and view all the necessary information through a convenient, immediate and direct communication channel to the assigned Broker of that particular listing. The GML App is free to download on Apple and Android for all users. In order for the brokers listings to be uploaded, monthly/annual subscriptions are available for $100 per month, per listing for a 12-month period OR $1100 annually.

Sign up today to receive the first 2 months FREE of charge for every listing.

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