Mallorca Distillery

Situated in the heart of Mallorca’s capital city, this urban distillery is the first small-scale craft distillery in Palma. With a bespoke 500-litre copper pot still, Mallorca Distillery produces local award-winning premium craft spirits with care, gifting a taste of the island in every bottle.

The small craft distillery showcases the creative endeavours of Founders Amber and Byron. Focusing initially on launching two premium products, Palma Gin and Palma Vodka, that really capture the beauty of the island. Mallorca Distillery’s small scale production also gives Head Distiller, James Gibbons, the opportunity to personally oversee each production, ensuring intricate care and attention during every distillation, with an unparalleled focus on quality.

The iconic branding of the bottles comes from the traditional Mallorcan tiles known as ‘suelo hidraulico’. Inspiration was taken from a local family run company, Huguet, who have been hand-making tiles on the island for over 80 years. Taking over 10 months to complete the intricate bottle design, the team decided on a specialised process to ink print organic paints straight onto the glass, resulting in an eco-friendly and recyclable product.

The round company logo takes inspiration from the West facing rose window in the enchanting La Seu Cathedral, one of the most iconic gothic cathedrals in Europe, humbly acknowledging the heritage of the magical city.

Mallorca Distillery has a commitment to the island and its environment. Ingredients are locally and ethically foraged throughout the year, allowing the natural flavours of the island to be represented in each bottle. The unique Mallorcan botanicals capture the spirit of Mallorca with every distillation, gifting a taste of this beautiful island.

Being able to create organic spirits plays a vital role in the distillery’s ethos. From starting with an organic base spirit to helping support the island’s organic farmers, each week the team sources fresh botanicals to create the unparalleled taste and quality you find in each bottle.