Maritime Food Authority

Food safety management

The Maritime Food Authority is a membership quality standards authority. The MFA believes the superyacht industry deserves recognition and support for high standards in food safety management, auditing, yacht sanitation and outbreak management planning.

A vessel sanitation program, operating under the authority of the United States Public Health Service, exists for the cruise ship industry. However, a similar program didn’t exist for superyachts, which is why the organization is created, the MFA accredited training program.

Moreover, it is more and more important to implement quality standard for food safety management, vessel sanitation, and auditing. Not only are these aspects important, but outbreak management and outbreak control for the superyacht industry as well. The quality standards are a result of the increasing number of private and charter yacht operating around the globe.

Quality standard

Since the organization is working directly with yachts, it strives to lead the way in a self-managing quality system. This particular system is driven crew and yacht themselves.

The MFA is the leader for management companies in providing the solution to superyacht crew. This result in the fact that the organization transparently recognises excellent standards and provides support for crew.