The mission for the CLEAR OCEAN PACT is simple. To reduce the dependency of single-use plastic items in the superyacht industry for good. As a nonprofit initiative dedicated to changing the culture and practices of the superyacht industry for the long-term benefit of our oceans, we aim to explore innovative solutions to stop microplastic waste and provide viable alternatives to single-use plastic items used in yacht operations around the globe.

HOW? Through the PACT, we aim to align the efforts required now, from all those in the superyacht industry, to reduce the dependency of single-use plastics and to eliminate the microplastic pollution that enters our oceans as a direct consequence of a superyacht’s daily operations.

The PACT is voluntary, non-accredited and designed to engage those who wish to start making a change to the consumption of single-use plastic in yachting. Whether it is adopted in its entirety onboard or interpreted in best practice, through the CLEAR OCEAN PACT we aim to raise awareness, ignite thought and engage captains, crew, yacht managers, suppliers and owners to take ownership of their yacht’s plastic footprint responsibilities.