Simon Gillespie Studio

Simon Gillespie Studio is known globally as one of the leading art conservation and restoration studios, trusted by major museums, galleries, auction houses and corporate and private collectors worldwide.

Simon has spent more than forty years working with a team of highly trained conservators and specialists to breathe new life into both historic and contemporary artworks, using a combination of traditional techniques and the most up to date modern methods.

Works by many of the finest artists in history have passed through our Mayfair studio, from Rubens and Rembrandt to Holbein and Freud, Titian and Twombly, Picasso and Pissarro, Van Dyck and Velasquez, Breughel and Banksy, Lowry and Lawrence, Munch, Miró and Millais.

 Our specialism is in paintings (of all periods and media) but we also work closely with specialists in sculpture, photography and paper conservation. We understand the particular issues that affect pictures at sea, and how to resolve these safely. This includes surface cleaning to remove handling marks or other surface dirt; consolidation of flaking and cracking paint (often resulting from changes in environmental conditions); repairing tears and flattening bumps; removal of discoloured varnishes and old overpaint; carrying out surveys to assess pictures and provide condition reports (which can be useful not only to assess the need for treatment on any pictures or to support any insurance claims but also to monitor the condition of pictures before and after a particular period at sea). Additionally we can provide technical and scientific analysis, assessing the pictures under UV light, and taking IR photographs and X-Rays, as well as pigment analysis and cross sections to help understand condition and to help in authentication and the identification of fakes.