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A recognised leader in defamation, privacy, phone hacking and internet litigation


Superyacht owners, the vessel, companies and individuals in the yachting industry can suffer lasting damage through libel, slander and misrepresentation. The power and reach of social media sites mean that a reputation can be badly damaged at the click of a button. Ill thought through or malicious comments can stay online permanently. Meanwhile, internet giants, such as Google, can and do bring up these posts when an individual’s name is searched.  Taylor Hampton is a leading reputation management firm based opposite the High Court in the Strand, London. The firm acted in the lead case prior to the passing of the UK Defamation Act 2013 (Thornton v Daily Telegraph) and the lead case post the passing of the 2013 Act (Lachaux v Independent).

Our defamation experts have successfully acted to protect both individual and business reputations damaged by defamation (libel and slander), malicious falsehood and breaches of privacy.

Privacy and Phone Hacking

When it comes to megayachts, their owners and those around them, privacy and confidentiality are paramount. Keeping news out of the press and mitigating potential damage to reputations is key and can be tricky given the mobility of yachts cruising between jurisdictions or out of range.  Owners can be targets for unwanted intrusions and such cases need to be dealt with swiftly and adroitly.  Taylor Hampton played a pivotal role in the phone hacking litigation against the press in the UK.  Cases in which it acted led to the closure of the News of the World. The intrusion caused by the hacking was sustained and often caused the breakdown of relationships as victims felt they had been betrayed by partners and friends. The landmark case of Gulati v MGN in which the firm acted greatly increased the damages awarded to the victims of breaches of privacy.

Victims of phone hacking include individuals who come from the world of yachts, fine art, business, politics, sport, media, music, film and television. It has also affected the lives of members of the public who have been victims of crime or suffered a personal tragedy.

As well as phone hacking, the firm’s solicitors have acted for victims of email hacking.

ART LAW – Founder Member of the Art Due Diligence Group

More and more valuable fine art is ending up on superyachts travelling through international waters. This presents several risks especially where the asset is taken into remote territories leaving it vulnerable to theft, consignment and title issues or damage which may result in litigation.  It is vital to move swiftly when critical matters arise be it cases of art fraud, disputes in high value fine art transactions or reputation management and defamation in the art market. We leverage our solid relationships within the art industry as well as working alongside other members of the ADDG, to expedite an appropriate course of action in a rapid and discreet manner. The firm is highly experienced in obtaining freezing orders in fraud cases.

Taylor Hampton draws on its experience in the field of reputation management in conducting actions for art fraud and art market litigation where parties to the transaction wish their names to be kept out of the press.