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The Importance of Sound Financial Planning for Superyacht Crew

A career in yachting provides many financial opportunities. However, the nature of working internationally presents additional complexities that must be navigated.

United Advisers Marine (UAM)who are independent financial planners, understand this better than anyone.  With a strong track record of providing transparent and effective financial planning for all types of crew employed on Superyachts, UAM are already assisting Captains in encouraging their crew to better plan for their own financial security.

Captains have always viewed crew safety on-board as one of their key responsibilities, but ensuring financial safety for crew in also starting to be considered part of the duty of care that all Owners, Management Companies/ Owner representatives and Captains should demonstrate.

In the on-shore world of work, employees have the peace of mind that they get social security and pension plans. Salaries are paid in the currency that matches their cost base as standard.  This is obviously not the case for crew and to make it worse some crew report that they regularly lose up to 10% of their salary each year in currency fluctuation.

UAM´s purpose is to try to level the playing field between the Superyacht industry and onshore employment standards.

With innovative solutions and a unique insight into financial planning for crew, UAM are, with the help of Captains, spearheading an increase in professional standards in the Superyacht industry. This benefits crew members by providing the advice, products and tools to help them better plan for their own financial security and future plans.

Why is supporting sound financial planning a best practice when it comes to crew welfare?

Providing the opportunity for crew to talk to professionals such as UAM, will make them feel more valued and ultimately should contribute to them staying longer with a yacht, and the industry in general. Also, crew that have financial peace of mind are more likely to remain focused and engaged whilst on-board.

How does UAM work?

UAM would provide you with the content for A4 flyers advertising their visit. These would then be posted in strategic locations across the yard. Creating interest in the 1-1 meetings and a call to action, which of course UAM would manage fully. UAM would need your team to print and locate them please.

UAM would then provide a planning document for the individual crew member who expressed an interest in a meeting, highlighting what will be covered

Individual time slots with a UAM adviser are scheduled.

This is prepared in advance so the day can be planned without disruption to your operations and the duties of the crew.

Using the information provided about the needs of the crew, we can bring the right information and expert support. This might include Standard Bank Seafarer account application forms, tools for a documented financial plan and tax planning experts.

To start the session, we will normally present to the crew as a group. This presentation will highlight the key services provided and the benefits of financial planning. The individual sessions would follow on from this.

We find that many crew will often come along to simply have a look but won’t have booked a meeting for a variety of reasons. We then find that having heard the opening address to the group, they request a meeting. We are well versed in accommodating them.

The presentation allows crew to have a global view of our services and financial planning as a whole, and the individual sessions are the perfect opportunity for them to ask any confidential questions.

Your UAM adviser/s will spend as long as necessary with each individual crew member to discuss their specific cases in a confidential environment. 

Overview of Services

The key services that UAM provide relate to the following:

  • International (Superyacht crew friendly) bank account creation
  • Tax planning optimisation
  • Future financial & life event planning, including for life after yachting
  • Opening investment and savings accounts
  • An impartial review of existing portfolios and assets
  • FX efficiency

We have successfully held many such consultations over the years, at Shipyards, Marina’s, ACREW events and Superyacht shows.  And by us being the preferred ACREW Financial Planning Partner, we trust that reinforces our credibility, professionalism and reliability.




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