Yacht Agent Montenegro


Full service for superyachts

Covering every port and marina in Montenegro, Yacht Agent Montenegro focusses on delivering top-notch services.
From customs, police and other clearance formalities, bunkering, provisioning, 24/7 concierge services available, to finding you winter berths or places where you can repair or refit your yacht. We use our network all over the Mediterranean to satisfy our clients.
Our team is a mixture of experienced seafarers and people working in tourism for over 10 years with the goal to fulfill all needs for both pleasure and charter yachts. We also take care of the organization of events and decoration, transfers or trips for both guests and crew as well as providing itineraries which the captains can present to their guests if they are visiting Montenegro for the first time.

Yacht insurance service

Our management division will help you with the classification or registration of your vessel, provide you with legal and insurance services or representation of any kind (VAT, Tax or Owner representation) so that your stay in Montenegro feels like a breeze.