Remedies for Sore, Dry and Cracked Hands

ACREW Guest Blogger, KAT YEGOROVA provides top tips on looking after your hands as a stewardess

The Yachting industry is not for the fainthearted. Long days of hard work for months on end without days off, takes its toll on your Body and Mind. It becomes easy to neglect yourself as you dedicate all your time and attention to the yacht owners and guests. We don’t tend to have much time on hand to look after ourselves, yet we have a certain standard to follow.

Over the years of working on board managing spas and stewardessing, I too have struggled with sore swollen feet, aching muscles and joints, cracked skin on my hands and complete exhaustion (to list a few). Time is precious at sea, so I won’t waste too much of yours and will give you some helpful tips and remedies, over the next few weeks, on how you can preserve and heal your body and mind through out the tough seasons and come out stronger and healthier then when you initially stepped on board.  After all Strong is the new Sexy (so they say!).

One of the biggest struggles on board, for all departments, has been dry and cracked hands. I have had and seen some painful hands from consistent chemical exposure, sun, wind and having hands in the water all day long. We have never ending supplies of gloves on board but they are more of an inconvenience, when a job needs to be done fast (even though taking that one extra step can save tears late in the season).  Damaged skin is vulnerable to UV exposure, environmental pollutants, all of which might lead to premature aging and severe dryness.

However, all is not lost and there are some simple steps to protect and rejuvenate overworked and suffering hands!

  1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!!

It is the most obvious tip but not the most convenient one while working. Make it part of your bed time routine. It takes a few seconds to apply a hand cream before bed. Start right from the start of the season, so it becomes a useful habit and helps to prevent dryness from the get go. Coconut Body Oil is the most of the more natural options that absorbs easily and soothes skin from the sun. Also great as a hair mask…but that is for another Blog! Wearing cotton gloves (spare service gloves work a treat) once the moisturiser applied, allows the pores to open up with the warmth and absorbs the moisturizer twice as fast.

  1. Pure Aloe Vera

This is your 911 Remedy. Another natural product that will heal, sooth and moisturize Dry and Cracked skin.

  1. Raw Oats

Something that every yacht will have on board and that I have found very effective in the past. You can either mix is warm water with 3 tsp of Almond oil and soak in a basin or use as a compress, applied in gauze. Application for 10-15 minutes. A useful tool for sufferers with psoriasis and eczema.

  1. Lanolin Cream

Lanolin is a substance naturally produced by sheep to make their wool waterproof. Great as a protective seal from having hands in the water all day.

  1. Exfoliate!

Yes our hands, just like our facial skin, can also benefit greatly from gentle exfoliation. By removing dry, dull skin cells you are allowing the new skin absorb any moisturizer you put on it up to 5 times faster, instead of layering old skin. If no exfoliation at hand, use 1 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of olive oil and squeeze some lemon to the mix. DO NOT exfoliate if skin is cracked, irritated or sore.

  1. Avoid foamy soaps and cheaper hand lotions if possible

Try and steer clear of highly fragranced and alcohol pumped creams and soaps. Those factors might strip the protective barrier off your skin and dry it out.

Top Tip:

When checking ingredients at the back of your products, take note on what is listed first as that will be the highest quantity of the product. The lower down the list you go, the lower quantity of the ingredient listed there is in the product you are looking at.

There are many factors why we join and enjoy yachting industry. However through out the hazy long hours during the busy times, we do sometimes forget about self care and how important it is. I will be here to give you short but handy ideas on how to remain intact through those times.


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Kat Yegorova