Sushi Making

On Friday 13th March 2015, Katy Rosales of The Galley Club hosted the workshop Sushi making for Chefs. During this workshop you were able to discover all the skills you need to prepare the rice and dressing for the perfect Sushi. The sushi workshop was divided into two parts.


First, Katy introduced the ingredients; rice, vinegar, seaweed and filling; avocado, surimi etc. , the different types of makis rolls; Uramaki, hosomaki, temaki and futomaki. Afterwards, Katy introduced the rice cooker and the other elements needed to make the perfect sushi. Then, the attendees had to clean the rice, cook it and besides they had to make the dressing. Lastly, the filling was prepared for the beginning of the second part.


In the second more advanced hands-on session, the attendees learned how to make the many different types of Sushi; temaki, uramaki, futomaki, nigiri and gunkan. Using cream cheese, avocado, sweet potato, chive, surimi and carrot. After the sushi’s were made, they were cut and tasted by the attendees.

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