“This was my first experience with ACREW. What a great bunch of companies sharing their specialist knowledge and showcasing their skills for yacht crew. A fantastic way to build up industry contacts, build on existing knowledge and meet like-minded people with a passion for learning. A big thanks to the ACREW team!”
Chloe Colton, Chief Stew

“Not a moment went by that was not enjoyable. From the workshops to the social events the  organisation was superb and fun. I really hope we get the chance to return to another ACREW event soon. Thanks for the first rate and very memorable event
Barry de Kock, Captain, SY Vertigo

“In my 20 years of yachting this was the first time I had attended a crew ONLY event such as yours, it was fantastic to meet lots of new people, and go to crew workshops that were relevant to what we do onboard, and not a broker insight! Then to finish with the Crewfest Games on the last day followed by a night of laughing and dancing in front of that huge sound system with some amazing tunes being played by Dani at the masquerade ball was the icing on the cake. Again, to all the ACREW team thank you, and hopefully see you next year.”
Simon Drew, Engineer, MY Bayesian

“Just wanted to shout out and say a big THANK YOU from all of us on the RHINO! We had a great end of the week, and weekend at your events. From the education gained to meeting new people, this was a great experience for so many of us.”
Nate Cook, First Officer, MY Rhino

“Sometimes in the industry its hard to feel like we’re part of a ‘real’ industry despite all the money we spend on courses, etc. but Crewfest was the first time I have seen something organized that made me feel like what we are doing is truly a professional industry. All the events were professionally organized and run, and I had a great time getting involved with everything. I’m truly excited to attend another ACREW event as soon as possible.”
Courtney Robertson and Anna, First Officer and Chief Stew

“ACREW helped me interact with people of all ranks within the industry. It gave me confidence in approaching new people and helped me meet people who shared their personal experiences with me! .”
Gabriella Martinelli

“This was my first experience with ACREW. What a great bunch of companies put together by the ACREW team to showcase their broad range of skills and specialist knowledge to share with yacht crew. A Fantastic way to build up industry contacts, build on existing knowledge and meet like-minded people with a passion for learning. A big thanks to the ACREWB team.”
Savannah Burgiel

“Thank you ACREW for another wonderful event with very helpful courses that I enjoyed. I learned a lot, met nice people, and all this with a great atmosphere and drinks.”
Isabel Levy

“My partner Liz Brasler who is a Chief Mate and I attended a number of workshops. As a Head Chef, I was unaware of the advantages of having someone like MedAire onboard and the support they give the crew in time of medical emergency. The life guard workshop showed me that inwater rescue is not as straightforward as it may seem and that cross training in crew where possible is essential.
The Caviar workshop was very informative and it was fascinating to hear the groups thoughts on pairing options with different wines and vodkas.
Overall the entire experience was informative, educational and fun. We look forward to the next event held in Palma.”
Bert Folens

“The ACREW event at the Palma boat show really was a great opportunity to network, learn and experience what the industry has to offer. It was well organised, presented and executed by the great and friendly staff, well done!”
Graeme Hillary

“Thanks for a great place to relax, meet fellow yachties and learn at some good workshops.
Coming to the boat show alone, I felt welcomed and a part of.
Thanks so much.”

David Kleber

“The ACREW event was a great networking and learning opportunity for yacht crew. I gained some very useful contacts with agencies to assist me with finances. A bonus was the free entry ticket to the boat show! Thank you for the awesome event!”
Georgie Hepburn

“I would like to thank ACREW for the amazing time at the Palma
Superyacht Show. The workshops held during the whole event were of great interest and very well managed by the competent instructors. I got many good advices from people who work directly in the area.”
Abraham Gomez