“Sometimes in the industry its hard to feel like we’re part of a ‘real’ industry despite all the money we spend on courses, etc. but Crewfest was the first time I have seen something organized that made me feel like what we are doing is truly a professional industry. All the events were professionally organized and run, and I had a great time getting involved with everything. I’m truly excited to attend another ACREW event as soon as possible.”
Courtney Robertson and Anna, First Officer and Chief Stew

“This was my first experience with ACREW. What a great bunch of companies sharing their specialist knowledge and showcasing their skills for yacht crew. A fantastic way to build up industry contacts, build on existing knowledge and meet like-minded people with a passion for learning. A big thanks to the ACREW team!”
Chloe Colton, Chief Stew


“Interactive, friendly & fun.”
Emma Fitzgerald

“I loved learning from a professional. Often times on boats you only learn from on person or stewardess.”
Savannah Burgiel

“First experience with ACREW, but the class was inclusive & entertaining.”
Elle Veldman

“Sound advice from experienced staff & entertaining.”
Brad Stoward

“Great learning opportunity & entertaining.”
Kathrine Scholtz

“Great advice from an industry expert & entertaining.” (Emely Grassby)
Emely Grassby