The importance of having a good service flow

Personal interview with Peter Vogel, Managing Director of Interior Yacht Services

peterOn Wednesday 18th February 2015, I sat down with Peter Vogel to obtain more knowledge about having a good service flow. Peter told me that during the build, the creation of effective service flows start. In some cases the interior has already been put in place and the service flow simply does not work. When a yacht has problems with the service flow, Peter and his team can visit your yacht to analyse the service flow. Deriving from this, crew will get suggestions and improvement points to achieve a smooth working service flow.

Peter gave me the example of when the location of pantries on a yacht might influence the service flow. According to Peter, a lot of yachts have been designed with the exact same pantry on each level of the yacht. What is interesting here is that these pantries usually are not linked with each other. Peter explained that having one main pantry with a couple of supportive pantry’s work much better to maximise the service flow.

IYS help captains and crew to implement an interior operating structure [IOS], which includes a full set of Standard Operating Procedures [SOPs] creating the most effective service flow throughout the yacht. Looking into current frameworks, the needs of the owner, the captain and his interior crew on-board as well as the current service flow of the yacht, does this.

When a solid interior operational structure has been implemented it helps managers to lead their crew by giving them clear guidelines. Continuously, IYS provides 7 star interior and hospitality trainings for crew on-board superyachts. The courses stand out through their “two trainers” approach. A unique combination of a yachting professional who has enjoyed a lengthy career on some of the largest and most unique yachts in our industry, and a true hospitality specialist in the relevant field of expertise.

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