Top 7 Tips for Superyacht Crew to Save Data on Roaming Plans

For superyacht crew, data consumption while out at sea can quickly become expensive. As reported in a recent Superyacht Content article, there are several ways for yacht crew to maximise data efficiency. Below are 7 tips that can help you optimise data usage while working on a superyacht. 

1. Enable Low Data or Data Saver Mode

Both Android and Apple phones provide features aimed at decreasing data usage. Once you are nearly at the end of your data allowance, these features prove particularly useful. For iPhones low data mode will help reduce the data consumption and can be enabled by following these instructions. To enable data saver on Android phones follow these steps

2. Use WiFi

To ensure significant mobile data usage reduction connect to WiFi networks. This is an easy and inexpensive way to remain connected. To ensure an extra layer of protection and security, enable a VPN.

3. Track Your App Data Usage

Keep up to date with information on which apps are using the most data. To do so navigate to Settings and select Mobile Data on iPhones. On Android open settings, proceed to Data Usage and open App Usage setting. 

4. Download Content in Advance

It is recommended to opt for downloading whenever possible to ensure maximum data efficiency. Compared to streaming, downloading movies, podcasts or music while connected to Wifi uses less bandwidth than streaming.

5. Turn Off WiFi Assist or Network Switch

By disabling features like WiFi Assist for iPhone or Network Switch for Android phones, you can prevent your devices from automatically switching to mobile data when the WiFi signal weakens. This will decrease your data consumption and result in lower costs. 

6 Use Offline Maps

When planning a trip make sure to download Google Maps onto your device. This will enable you to navigate around your desired destination without using data or WiFi. To do so open Google Maps, search for the preferred location and select the feature to download offline maps. 

7. Keep Your Cache Intact

Although clearing your browser and app cache might appear beneficial for performance, it can actually increase data usage when using a carrier network. To avoid this, exclude your browser from task managers or cleaning utilities that automatically clear the cache.

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