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ACREW Business Membership

ACREW’s Business Membership gives your company the opportunity to network, share knowledge and nurture your business connections with the biggest club for captains and crew in the superyacht industry. 

Why choose this membership?

  • Opportunity to attend ACREW Superyacht Signature events
  • Chance to upload content to the Seably platform
  • Facilitating webinars/workshops
  • Your company profile in ACREW event booklets
  • Welcome message introducing your business to our network
  • Annual Page on our website

Engagement Surveys (Market, Client and Team)

The Superyacht Industry requires continuous engagement: either by your team, with the market or with clients. We at ACREW believe the 3 steps to business success are:

  1. An engaged & energized team
  2. Optimised market engagement
  3. Excellent client engagement

We strongly believe that through our 3 baseline measurements and surveys we will provide quantifiable solutions to improve the key decision making criteria, your reputation.


The Superyacht Industry requires continuous engagement.

As a niche market, engagement is essential as the purchasing process relies very much on referrals and proven concepts, familiarity and trust. Ebbens & McGrath is a superyacht engagement business consultancy from the founders of ACREW. With over 25 years of yachting experience, an extensive network in yachting and a solid consultancy background, Ebbens & McGrath can lead you to the best possible result.

Monaco Business Lounge

Every year, ACREW returns to Monaco to host the ACREW & IMM exclusive Business Lounge. Located in La Rascasse and accessible to all ACREW business members and VIP Table Sponsors, this lounge is utilized for business meetings and networking with industry professionals. Crew and Business Members are invited to enjoy complimentary foods and drinks.

Additionally, ACREW offers a privatized area to maximum 4 partners to host meetings and invite guests.

Crew Awards Sponsorship

The Crew Awards is the only international awards programme to recognize the excellence in superyacht crew. It welcomes yearly hundreds of Captains, Crew and Business Members. 

The benefits of becoming a Sponsor are limitless: credits on all marketing, advertising and promotional activity generated before, during and after the awards, an extended invitation to company representatives of your choice and logo inclusion on all platforms. Click here to read the FULL benefit list.

Superyacht Business Awards

The Superyacht Business Awards showcase the best businesses in the yachting industry. ACREW’s network of over 15000 Captains & Crew are invited to vote for the superyacht organisations that deserve global recognition for being simply the best in their field. The benefits are limitless: Captains & Crew discover which businesses their peers recommend and the businesses gain exponential exposure, marketing, promotion and recognition for their hard work.

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