Where Does This Glass Go?

Red on the right or white on the right? Should the champagne glass be below or above the white wine glass?

Whether you’re organising an intimate dinner party for two or a lavish gala dinner for 50, the right glassware makes all the difference. And, of course, it needs to be properly displayed on the dinner table too.

Here’s some valuable advice from our partners at No12 Fine Wines on the best, and correct, way to place glassware on the table:

  • When laying a formal table, the glassware is always positioned in the top-right corner of the place setting – just above the knives.
  • At a very formal dinner there will be a lot of tableware, including a water glass, and two or three wine glasses. At a less formal meal, this will usually be reduced to a water goblet and one or two wine glasses.
  • A triangular glass arrangement can help to save space. كيف تربح المال من الالعاب In this layout, the dessert glass is put in the highest point, with the water glass placed below it and to the left. The red and white wine glasses are then placed slightly lower and to the right.
  • Alternatively, if space allows, you can position the glasses in a straight line parallel to the edge of the table, or in a diagonal line slanting towards the edge of the table.
  • If you need to place a champagne flute, then this can be set between the water glass and the wine glasses.
  • Sherry glasses, meanwhile, are placed to the right of the wine glasses. Sherry is often served with the soup course.
  • If you opt for Port wine instead, remember this is the only drink that is served from the left and the decanter is passed round clockwise. For all you yachties, this should be easy to remember: ‘Pass the Port to port’.
  • Finally, once the savoury part of dinner is served, you may want to switch to dessert wine. It is best to clear the table of all cutlery, crockery and glassware before dessert, so that you can serve a fresh dessert glass together with dessert.

No. 12 are happy to help and provide any advice you may need on the correct storage of your on-board wine collection. ربح فلوس Additionally, they also provide a wine storage service at our purpose-built, climate-controlled wine cellar. العب واربح فلوس For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] or visit the website www.no12wines.com.