Win or Learn – Write your own story

As an avid reader, and a keen but as yet unpublished writer… I often think of my life in terms of a story.

Seeing this quote made me think. How often have you sat on your bunk or in the crew quarters reflecting on the what has just happened or dwelling on the past, regurgitating elements and analysing them until we have tied ourselves in knots, why do we do that?

I believe in the principle of reflection, learning from and therefore doing it better next time – but not over-analysing what is past.

Beating yourself up, berating yourself for getting things wrong, ‘wishing’ you’d done it differently – waste of time. Stop it, right now! Learn from it and write your future with what you have learnt, clearly in your mind.

Win or Learn. That’s what my Granny always said. Every time something happens in our lives we can learn from it… the lesson might not always be obvious straight away – but all of life’s up’s and downs shape us.

Ask yourself:

How much of my life is dictated by what has already happened, and how much of my life, and the decisions I make is aspirational and rooted in my dreams for myself?

Seriously, ask yourself.

If you spend 20% of your time reflecting in order to utilise your experience to the betterment of your future you are doing a great job.

If you spend 70% of your time thinking about the coming chapters, you are doing a great job!

10% in the present. What is happening right now, being ‘mindful’, appreciating the moment in the day that you are in. Excellent!

If it’s anything else – just take a few moments to reflect. How can you change?

What about the way we discuss our working day onboard? We spend 70% of our time talking about what has happened, and (if you’re lucky) 20% talking about the future – right?

If we spent more time ‘writing our future’ rather than ‘reading our past’ how much more positive and productive our lives would be. Some people use vision boards, some write goals, some simply daydream. These are all great practices for focusing on the future.

What’s yours?

Imagine your life as a story. What happens next is up to you – right?

Not if you don’t write your story before someone writes it for you. Don’t give them that pen… it’s yours! YOU decide.

And if you need some help to do that – we are here for you.

Sara Ballinger
The Daisy Gray Partnership