A Question of Crisis

Why “No Comment” is not an option An international team of experts examines risk management, the law and how to handle the media

In the first PYA-endorsed Acrew workshop, a dynamic panel of industry professionals looks at risk and crisis management – steps to avoid it, the quantifiable value of reputation and, crucially, how to navigate media attention and your legal position when it does happen. ‘ No comment’ is not the option.

Highly relevant to captains, crew and management companies, this two-part workshop demonstrates the importance of reputation protection and how seizing the ‘Golden Hour’ – that brief window which determines the outcome of any crisis, for good or bad – is a must-have skill for on-board teams.

Crisis is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Whether you are dealing with an infringement of passenger privacy, a terrorist or piracy incident right through to a fatality, these are all events which require thorough advance preparation, strong media management and clear legal counsel to minimise the negative impact and protect those involved.

Together SocratesQ, the brand management and media relations agency for yachting, and Securewest International, experts in risk management, have teamed with best-in-field experts in legal and crisis media relations to create Crisis Counsel and explain how to keep your reputation intact and take you through the fundamentals of crisis management and response.


Registration for this workshop has now closed.