Antifouling Technology

Leading paint and antifouling specialists Jotun will lead a discussion on antifouling technology and how this is a key factor in superyacht refits. Antifouling is a knowledge area that all Captains need to command in order to ensure minimal fouling.

Antifouling needs are highly correlated with your cruising itinerary. Jotun have access to brand new commercial industry technology that tailors and predicts your antifouling need, looking at your itinerary

In this educational session, gain vital fouling preventative knowledge and skills to use onboard and share with fellow crew. Utilise the opportunity to get an insight into cutting edge antifouling technologies with specialist paint and antifouling experts. Learn on what chemicals trigger reactions and why, looking at how you can be smart and prevent a multitude of damage, extra work and cost.



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