Are you Using your Yacht Agent Effectively?

Understanding how a yacht agent can make your everyday life on a yacht easier for you in many ways can help you be more productive, efficient and provide a professional service to your guests. This will be a first hand experience workshop – where we as agents give you as crew different advices, information and examples of how can you make sure you gain more benefits from working with a yacht agent, in order to reach the higher efficiency on board. This will also be a useful workshop to learn how to Improve your already existing collaboration with a yacht agent in order o make it more beneficial for you. All this will be explained in practical examples where you will get a chance to participate as well!

What you will learn:

1. What can a yacht agent help you with
2. How to get most from working with yacht agents by avoiding some basic mistakes
3. How to get more benefits/efficiency from working with a yacht agent 



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